Friday, January 8, 2010

Tree protection on construction and development sites : a best management practices guidebook for the Pacific Northwest

A new resource called “Tree Protection on Construction and Development Sites” has just been published by the Oregon Extension Service.

This publication is a guide for protecting, conserving, selecting, maintaining, removing, and replacing trees on development sites in the Pacific Northwest. The guidebook is designed to assist people who work with trees during the development and construction phases of both new and existing projects to keep healthy trees a part of the urban environment through the use of accepted tree care standards and practices. This publication provides best management practices (BMPs) developed and recommended by professional arborists, urban and community foresters, and landscape architects. BMPs are widely accepted practices and standards used by industry professionals and based on the best available research. The guidebook provides basic and practical information about methods to give trees planted or retained on development sites the best chance to survive and thrive during and after the construction process.

Click here to download a 5Mb pdf file of the guide.