Saturday, December 5, 2009

Save the Date - Oregon Urban Forestry Conference

Block out June 2 & 3, 2010 on your calendar for our Urban Forestry Conference. The theme this year is Seed to City: The Journey of an Urban Tree. We are focusing on the cultivation, planting and care of urban trees. Day one features a tour of the J. Frank Schmidt & Son Co. Nursery and Arboretum. Day two features presentations by the experts at the Oregon Garden Resort.

We have made this two-day conference quite affordable and expect a large turnout. CEUs will be available for professionals. Registration begins March 1.

Details as they become available will be on our website at

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  1. hi.i am desperate for help.i live in beaverton, seems huge apartment corporations own most lands that border creeks and wetlands here.the herbicides they are spraying are killing off huge amounts of habitat and native species in favor of herbicide resistant shrubs,trees,and chemical fed grasses.there isnt much habitat left here,the only trees the birds and tree squirells can nest in,and all brush the geese and ducks used to nest in here are being completely destroyed to make it easier to mow.though the products they are using here are labeled "green",they are harming everything that lives and i am having trouble locating an organization that cares.the public water supply here is now recycled runoff and regardless of the label i highly doubt it is safe to drink for pets and wildlife alike.there use to be laws,but now law favors corporation ,not life.the roots of every tree are exposed here for their "uniform" borders can be sprayed ritually every week with herbicides.when i moved here in 2008,billions of bats and frogs thrived here,ducks and geese nested in the brush along the creek,and there were many species of,not one bat nor frog can be found.i see maybe 4-5 species of bird,and the trees are dying at an alarming rate.they are removing habitat intentionally and there is barely any left here to speak of,one small strip on one side of the creek left that anything can live and they have sprayed into that now too.any idea where i can find help without being evicted?i am disabled and have 6 cats(all rescues).i live on 700$ a month .the last tenant to complain i heard recieved a 60 day no cause eviction.